Gen2 Office Furniture


Whether you need one worksurface or one thousand, gen² Office Furniture extends a limited lifetime warranty and lead times to meet your project deadlines. Our extensive finish library is guaranteed to satisfy your customer's need for matching existing worksurfaces or creating a new look.

For projects attaining LEED certification, we offer Sierra Pine Arreis SDF which is formaldehyde free and made from 100% recycled wood.

The standard gen² worksurface is 1.25" thick and comes with a 3mm front edgeband.

To view the gen² worksurface PDF, click here.

Gen2 Worksurfaces Gen2 Worksurfaces Gen2 Worksurfaces Gen2 Worksurfaces

Worksurface Grommets

To view different standard grommet styles and dimensions, click here.

Worksurface Laminate Directions

To view the standard laminate directions for worksurfaces, click here.

State of the Art Wood Fabricating Equipment

Automatic Laminating Equipment

Our laminator applies the correct thickness of PVA adhesive to both sides of any size wood panel. Both sides of the wood panel are laminated, the top side is laminated with any style of decorative laminate. The bottom side is laminated with a high quality backer sheet to prevent warping. Finally the laminated panel is sent through the Heated Press Laminator that assures a permanent bond.

CNC Machining Center

Our state of the art CNC machine precisely machines work surfaces and table tops in any shape or size. With a push of a button it will produce exactly the size you need. Any custom or standard circular, oval, contour, or straight worksurfaces are automatically created at very fast production speeds. To view video of the CNC machine in action, check out our video library.

Gen2 Worksurfaces
Gen2 Worksurfaces

Fully Automatic Edgebanding Machine

The edgebander applies any thickness edgebanding up to 3mm to any work surface or tabletop. It automatically applies adhesive, edgebanding and perfectly trims off all excess material assuring a long lasting, permanent and attractive edge.

Personal Touch

After the edgeband is applied to the worksurfaces, each top is inspected by one of our highly trained professionals. Our team double checks for any and all imperfections that do not meet gen² standards.

Each individual worksurface is inspected for loose edgeband or laminate, making sure both are secure. Next we check for sharp edges on the corners and sides of the worksurface while filing down and smoothing out any sharp areas that could be a hazard to our customers. After each worksurface passes our inspection, our technicians stamp and sign your top making it ready to ship out.