gen2 Avenir mimics the classic Steelcase Avenir furniture line but has been enhanced with more options for maximum customization. Our gen2 Avenir has the same steel construction of the original and we are able to offer matching finishes at prices far below the original sell price. 

gen2 Avenir Features

  • Panels - 2” thick, fabric covered, tackable and acoustic
  • Electrical - 5-wire/3-circuit (Steelcase) or 8-wire/4-circuit (Steelcase)
    • Option: NEW gen2 8-wire/4-circuit
  • Overhead Storage
    • Integral door (BSBL) with FR lock in door
    • Flush door (MBBL) with FR lock in shelf pan
    • Option: NEW gen2 Bins & Shelves
  • Tasklight: standard LED 20” dimmable
  • Worksurface options
    • 3mm front, 1-1/4” thick
    • Waterfall t-mold, 1-1/2” thick
    • 90-degree postform, 1-1/2” thick
    • Benchmark 90 degree postform, 1-1/4” thick
  • Pedestal options
    • BBF and FF 17-1/2”d, 22”d, and 28”d
    • J-pull front with FR lock
    • Avenir style front with FR lock

gen2 Avenir Panel Dimensions

  • 33h x 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 42w, 48w, 60w
  • 41h x 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 42w, 48w, 60w
  • 53h x 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 42w, 48w, 60w
  • 65h x 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 42w, 48w, 60w
  • 80h x 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 42w, 48w


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