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gen2 Wall is more than a traditional wall system, it has all the benefits and flexibility of a panel system.  This means electrical can run at the base, components can hang on the panels, and lower height stations can connect.

gen2 Wall comes fully assembled, which allows for one-step installation process, in half the time of other wall systems.

Constructing permanent and costly dry walls is no longer necessary. gen2 Wall is an affordable and flexible solution for movable, demountable, floor-to-ceiling panels system.

gen2 Wall can connect to suspended ceilings, or can free-stand in open ceiling designs.

gen2 Wall incorporates gen2 Work panels, so a multitude of finishes and skins are available

  • Glass - clear, grey and etched
  • Laminate
  • Fabric (non-tackable and tackable)
  • Metal
  • Double pane glass
  • Painted glass - white markerboard and custom colors
  • Vinyl for healthcare
  • Wood veneer for executive offices
  • Acrylic
  • 3Form
  • Custom


gen2 wall with gen2 sliding door and training tables

gen2 Wall Features

  • One phase installation - gen2 Wall ships fully assembled
  • Clearstory—clear tempered glass, fabric or laminate
  • Compatible with gen2 Work and gen2 Avenir
  • Flexible solutions with multiple design options
  • Freestanding or mounted to a ceiling
  • Moveable, replaceable, and repairable
  • Tax benefits - accelerated depreciation for office furniture
  • Raceway at base allows for electrical and data runs


Dimensions and Details

  • Available widths: 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", and 48"
  • Maximum height: Standard ceiling height, up to 120"
  • Frame thickness: 2”
  • Available with or without power
    • 3 Circuit | 5 Wire or 4 Circuit | 8 Wire
    • STC rating of 35 to 40 - dependent on gen2 Wall configuration



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