gen2 Work can construct furniture for any configuration including open plans, private offices, reception areas, and more. gen2 Work incorporates all of our gen2 products and allows each client maximum customization of their workspace.

Virtually any look can be achieved, just ask us!

gen2 work with frosted glass sliding door

gen2 Available Panel Skins

  • Double Pane Glass - clear, grey, frosted
  • Painted glass - select your color
  • Markerboard glass - white
  • Fabric - tackable and non-tackable
  • Laminate - woodgrain, pattern, metal and textured
  • Acrylics
  • Metal
  • Fiberboard
  • Open Access
  • Custom




gen2 Work Ships Fully Assembled

All skins are assembled onto the frame during manufacturing, this ensures the panel is 100% complete.

  • Installation Labor Savings about 50% 



gen2 Work Featuresgen2 work and gen2 mark island

  • Panels: 2” thick
  • Tasklight: standard 20” LED dimmable.
  • Overhead Storage: gen2 bins and shelves.
  • Worksurfaces: 1-1/4” thick with 3mm edge.
  • Pedestals: J-pull with FR lock core.
  • Electrical - 5-wire/3-circuit or 8-wire/4-circuit (gen2 or original Steelcase power)
  • Panels ship fully assembled.

gen2 Work Panel Dimensions

  • 33h x 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 42w, 48w
  • 41h x 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 42w, 48w
  • 53h x 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 42w, 48w
  • 65h x 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 42w, 48w
  • 80h x 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 42w, 48w





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