gen2 Workstations

Today's workstation furniture is a lot more varied in price, functionality, ease of reconfiguration, style, durability, and sound absorption than you may think.  Some office panel heights have come down, and some systems are built without panels at all.  We manufacture a few panel systems, benching and other modular systems to fit whatever situation you're in.

If you want a "no panel look"  open concept | open floor plan, check out our gen2 Bench!

gen2 Work

gen2 Work can construct furniture for any configuration including open plans, private offices, reception areas, and more. gen2 Work incorporates all of our gen2 products and allows each client maximum customization of their workspace.

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gen2 Avenir

gen2 Avenir mimics the classic Steelcase Avenir furniture line but has been enhanced with more options for maximum customization. Our gen2 Avenir has the same steel construction of the original and we are able to offer matching finishes at prices far below the original sell price.

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gen2 9000

gen2 9000 workstations are a blend of original Steelcase components restored to new condition, and new components, which create a new workstation. We remove all the parts of an original Steelcase panel down to just the frame. From there we build each panel with brand new gen2 parts that we manufacture. The finished product is a state of the art gen2 9000 panel that looks just like a brand new Steelcase panel for a fraction of the cost.

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Conventional 9000

gen2 Conventional 9000 may be the most durable and long-lasting furniture product ever manufactured. It should come as no surprise that there are countless loyal customers even after Steelcase has halted production. gen2 is happy to be able to provide existing 9000 customers with a product that they have come to depend on.

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