Need 9000?

Steelcase Conventional 9000 may be the most durable and long lasting office furniture ever produced. Even after Steelcase discontinued 9000, there remains countless companies standardized with 9000.  Fortunately, gen2 can manufacture 9000 to meet the need of this customer base. 

gen2 9000

We maintain a substantial inventory of Steelcase Conventional 9000 products, which allows us to provide the high quality office furniture that you have come to know with gen2. 


Our manufacturing process involves:

  • Panels:  completely stripped, powder-coated and recovered with specified fabric.
  • Worksurfaces:  completely stripped of old laminate.  Re-laminated and re-keyed as required.
  • Storage and Supports: powder-coated to match specifications.

gen2 9000 stationgen2 9000 is our most sustainable line. Panels, worksurfaces, storage, and supports are all original Steelcase components that pass our discriminating quality control checks. 


Best yet, gen2 9000 is supported with our Limited Lifetime Warranty. 0B


For more information and pictures visit the gen2 9000 page.

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gen2 Tables Brookpark Series Showcases Industrial Design

By Mandie Lee
September 25, 2019 Category: Whats New, Featured Product

Industrial styleorindustrial chicrefers to anaesthetictrend ininterior designthat takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted toloftsand other living spaces.Components of industrial style include weathered wood, building systems, exposed brick, industrial lighting fixtures, and concrete. The price tag that comes with this look can be quite hefty! gen2 Brookpark Series takes the functionality and look of the industrial design and delivers an affordable and sturdy table that is the perfect addition to any environment. Wanting the strength and dependability of an industrial table but with a different look? Markerboard laminate can be used to make the perfect training tables, casters add mobility without compromising the Brookpark Series noted strength and stability. For more information about these products and more - contact us

Stand UP for your health

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We have heard more and more, over the past couple of years about the health benefits of standing at work. At gen2, weknow the benefits! The scientificresearch into standing vs sitting is still new and all of the benefits have not been discovered.There is no denying the increasing benefits of standing, at least some of your workday. Check out this article from the American Cancer Society, discussing the scientific research and benefits regarding standing while working. We suggest starting to stand 30 minutes at a time and work your way up, this will give your body the chance to naturally adjust and strengthen dueto the healthier work style. One of the best benefits of electric height adjustable surfaces is that you can not only stand at the exact height that works for you but also you can sit at the perfect height for your unique need and height. Truly making the gen2 UP the #1 ergonomic office solution. There are many types of height-adjustable desks and surfaces, we continueto carry

Ingenuity Department - Laminate End Panels

By Mandie Lee
May 15, 2019 Category: Ingenuity

As the gen2 manufacturer, we can design and produce new products that meet unique needs. We have a Just Ask philosophy. A gen2 Dealer in Pennsylvania contacted us with a request for a storage credenza with laminate end panels to match an existing office. We look forward to every opportunity to not only evolve our line but to provide solutions! If you have a unique request, want us to match to existing furniture, or just want to see what gen2 can do for you - Contact Us!

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