Open Concept Solutions

The focus of the open-concept office is to encourage collaboration among teams, to make the most out of a floor plan, to provide flexibility for workers, to emphasize aesthetics, and to remove barriers to communication and innovation in the workplace.  There is no one solution for every need, and so we have put together a category of products to fill your open space and create the open concept that functions for your needs.

Looking for post-pandemic solutions to improve the health and wellbeing in your open office?  Check out our Health and Privacy Solutions page, with dividers, screens and panel extenders that are the perfect solution for any workplace.

Have an idea for your space or not seeing what you are looking for?  Contact us today!


gen2 Bench

A modern and sophisticated open office solution, the gen2 Bench can be customized to suit any workspace need.

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gen2 Power Beam

Putting power and data, exactly where you need it.

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gen2 Zone Divider Screen

Create a multi-functional space for the way you work. Create walkways, intimate meeting areas or open it all up to welcome collaboration and open space.  

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