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Sixmo Inc. is an architectural and engineering design firm based on the philosophy that the delivery of professional design services should be as efficient and seamless as the solutions it yields.  

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The Design Process

Designers comments regarding working with Sixmo and identifying their needs within their new space.

Kara Treen - Design Consultant that worked with Sixmo said

"The site was a unique historic building once used as a theater, still had the original lighting, ornamental moldings, and the outside "Ukrainian Labor Temple" concrete etching.
We went in with an open plan, our gen2 Wall - freestanding glass offices added a modern look that complimented the historical ambiance of the building as well as let light carry through the space naturally.  Center stage is now the employee break-room fully decked out and furnished with cafe-height gen2 tables and chairs that overlook the workspace."


The Experience

gen2 Team takes a tour of Sixmo and speaks with Patrick Thornton, AIA - Principal Director of Business Development

"Sixmo is a multi-discipline professional services firm with specific expertise in architecture, structural engineering, building code compliance, and project management. We are headquartered in Northeast Ohio, but practice all over the United States, supporting both public sector and private sector clientele. From mammoth factories to single-family homes, our talented professionals have developed a very diverse portfolio."

 How long has your company been in business?  Sixmo Inc. was formed by myself and my business partner in 2012

 How many employees do you have? We currently have a staff of 17, 13 of which operate out of our Tremont office.  We also have offices in Westlake, Ohio and Marietta, Ohio.

 What's the overall size of the space you have now? We currently occupy the entire upper level of our building in Tremont, which is about 5,000 square feet.

What drove your business to make this expansion/move? Our first office was a 900 square foot shoebox in Rocky River, Ohio.  We quickly outgrew that tiny storefront space on Lake Road and soon moved to a larger, more traditional professional office space in Westlake.  No sooner were we settled in that Westlake space than we found the growth of our firm was going to be too much for the 2500 square foot office.  At that point, we began the search for a permanent home, and this time we intended to control our own destiny by purchasing a property. During the years-long search for that perfect home, we found other small development opportunities that matched our desire to grow geographically but struggled to find that permanent anchor in Northeast Ohio.  Out of pure luck, we stumbled upon a stunning property in Tremont and immediately fell in love with it. The former C.R. Studio, also known as the Ukrainian Labor Temple, would be that permanent home for Sixmo, sufficient in size for our current staff and capable of housing the growth that we have forecast for the firm.

What ultimately drove your choice on furniture and the decision to work with gen2 Office?  We shopped around quite a bit searching for the right team to work with.  Our objectives were to find great furniture at a great price and to work with people we liked.  Some other firms provided 2 out of those 3, but only gen2  hit the trifecta – and as a bonus, we were able to keep a lot of our money in our own community, as the gen2 headquarters is also located in Northeast Ohio.

What has so far been your favorite parts/functions of your new space/furniture? The openness and flexibility.  It was important to complement the existing building architecture rather than covering it up.  The materials, finishes, and configurations that Kara provided was a home run.  The space is not overpowered by the furnishings, the space remains extremely flexible, and the materials complement the historic architecture.

What would you tell others who might be considering our product? Would you recommend gen2 as a solution to your peers? Absolutely! We have and will continue to recommend gen2 to our peers and our clientele.  As a professional design firm, we are routinely searching for vendor partners to add value to our projects.  gen2 Office is one of our favorites, especially since we are able to give our clientele first-hand knowledge of the quality and value in the product, the service, and the overall experience.

What was your favorite part of this whole process? Watching the install team bring our vision to life, and then seeing visitors gaze in wonder at the result.  Or maybe it’s the inevitable question we get from every first-time visitor to our new space: “where did you get the furniture?”

What was your least favorite part of the process? Honestly, the hardest part of the process was knocking around the industry prior to being introduced to gen2 Office.  Once I had that initial meeting, got to know Wayne, Greg, and Kara, and then toured the manufacturing facility I knew we had the right fit.  Prior to that, I was just floating around in the furniture ether. The process after that moment was smooth as silk. Then I saw the price and knew for sure we found the magic we were looking for.


The Result

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Sixmo Architects and Engineers

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Account Managers Notes... This project was designed within a small space but for the intent of making a huge impact. Each space was carefully considered, like the use of space in the office with its open O leg in the desk, and a place to stand and work doubling as a filing area. The use of muted tones of greys, creams and brown tones throughout the space keeps the workflow vibe going strong. The Kitchen with its modern white chairs and chrome. Keep things bright and airy. The Open working spaces were designed so that communication was front and center and not an afterthought. - Lisa Musarra To view PDF Slideshow -here YouTube Video Slideshow -here


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